​Here please kindly find read disclaimer and information to take massage.

If you have any other question, please directly contact us by email.

Massage during Pregnancy

Guests in first trimester or third trimester are advised not to take massage please kindly inform our therapist if you are pregnant. In second trimester it may possible to do light body massage, reflexology, or shiatsu. But if you feel uncomfortable, please consult with your doctor in advance. Hand massage, foot massage, facial massage ear candle, head massage, manicure and peticure are available as usual.

Massage during Menstration

Basically you can take our massage during menstratin. But if bleeding a lot, we do not recommend to take massage because it may stimulate blood circulation and cause more bleeding. Also sometimes you feel more sensitive during your period, and you would feel uncomfortable or pain. Please kindly check your physical condition by yourself.

Massage for sickness or injured

Please kindly inform our therapist about your condition, where you are injured or how long. We try to avoid your injured parts. Also in the case of muscle pain or tiredness we will focus to that point, so please kindly inform our therapist. If you have osteoporosis, heart disease, or shortly after surgery, or if you have any other sickness that restrict massage, our massage may not be available.


Attire for Massage

For traditional Balinese massage, we use massage lotion so we ask our guest wear only underwear. There is no particular request for clothes. But for other body massages, you can wear clothes during massage. To receive massage comfortably, please wear comfortable clothes. We recommend thin T-shirts and short pants. For reflexology, we do massage under the knee so short pants are recommended.


Age limitation

We are for guests 5 years of age or older. But even at age 5 or older we may not do massage if your child is not ready for a massage. Please kindly understand. There is no age limitation for elderly people, but kindly check your own physical condition.


For reservation, please kindly pay deposit in advance. one booking and Rp100,000 Invoice will be sent to you via Paypal, so please make a payment or pay at our spa.

Please note that we cannot refund if you cancel after payment. If we still have availability reservation can be changed 1 time 3 days prior to your booking. In the case of cancellation due to our circumstances we will make full refund.



If you are not comfortable with your therapist, please inform therapists to change or cancel the massage within 10 minutes from starting massage. In that case, there is no charge for changing or cancellation.

However, we cannot make refund in the case of complaints after the massage. Please inform your therapist about the room temperature, may possible to adjust.

If you have any other questions, please contact us by email.

On call servis

Sorry we unable to on call servis to Hotel Villa House.. when you need massage with us please comeing to our shop.

Thank you for your attention and understanding

A complaint

If you don’t like our massage, please tell us in the 10 minute from start massage, we stop massage and free of charge or changeing therapist.

If you will complaints about our massage after finished massage we unable to discount or pay back money.