Single Menu of Mr. Michael


All body massage and Reiki Rp300,000/Hour Reflexology and Hand massage Rp200,000/Hour

REFLEXOLOGY  Rp150,000/30minute Rp200,000 /Hour  

It is the practice of massaging, squeezing and pushing the feet using fingers, in order to encourage a beneficial effect on other parts of the body or to improve general health. The purpose of this practice is to expedite blood circulation, so it relieves the ache and swelling of the feet caused by too much standing or walking.

TRADITIONAL BALINESE MASSAGE Rp200,000/Hour Rp300,000/1.5Hours  Rp400,000/2Hours​

It is the practice of massaging all parts of the body using GOOD MASSAGE’s special cream. Massaging the muscles will expedite blood circulation and fix functioning of body glands. It is also very useful for relaxation and relieving stress.

MIXED THAI MASSAGE  Rp200,000/Hour Rp300,000/1.5Hours  Rp400,000/2Hours​

Combining Traditional Thai Massage and Japanese Shiatsu technique, this therapy of massaging the body using the hands and feet is useful for initiating muscle stretches that the patient cannot do by him or herself. It also fixes inappropriate body posture caused by wrong position while doing daily activities.

SHIATSU Rp200,000/Hour Rp200,000/Hour Rp300,000/1.5Hours  Rp400,000/2Hours​

Traditional Japanese massage refers to the use of the fingers and palms to apply pressure to particular section on the body, in order to correct its imbalances, and to maintain and improve general health. It also relieves stress; headache or other disruptions caused by muscles that are too tense, and fixes twisted muscles caused by wrong position during exercise or sleep.

REIKI Rp200,000/Hour Rp200,000/Hour Rp300,000/1.5Hours  Rp400,000/2Hours​

REIKI is power of human, Mr. Michael try to control your energy by his power. He scans your power inside body and fix your power if necessary. If your body need more power he put in his power to the body for make balance in the body. If you have trauma, Mr. Michael try to take out from you.


Packet Menu of Mr. Michael


Packet A  Rp500,000 

REFLEXOLOGY  1Hour + Body massage 1.5Hour s


Packet B  Rp440,000     

REFLEXOLOGY 30Minuts + Body massage 1.5Hours


Packet C  Rp400,000    

Body massage 1.5Hours+Reiki 30 Minutes


Packet D   Rp500,000

Body massage 1.5Hours+Reiki 1Hour

Packet E  Rp400,000 

REFLEXOLOGY  1Hour + Body massage 1Hour